KB113: Optimize Your Supply Chain Like Never Before Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

KB113: Optimize Your Supply Chain Like Never Before Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management

KB113: Optimize Your Supply Chain Like Never Before Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 768 431 Shrutidhara
In this blog, we are going to look at Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management & how this would help businesses in building a resilient supply chain & transform their business.

Supply Chain Management can be defined as the process of managing the entire flow of goods & services be it transforming the raw material into finished products or transporting those products & delivering them to the end consumers. In today’s customer centric world, maintaining an effective supply chain is extremely crucial. Businesses capable of providing customers with “what they want & whenever they want it” have an edge over others in the market. It not only nurtures long-lasting business relationships & attracts new customers but also adds financial value to a business. However, sustaining an efficient supply chain is not easy especially post the outbreak of Covid-19 Pandemic. This is mainly due to the global disruptions in supply, paradigm shift in consumer behavior, fast changing consumer demands, increasing demand & supply imbalances, rising operational costs and so on.

Therefore, to overcome these challenges & to optimize their supply chain, it is essential for businesses to have a suitable ERP Solution. This is where Dhyey Consulting can help you by providing your business with a smart solution for success in the form of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (MS D365 SCM).

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management digitalizes the supply chain processes & provides businesses with the much-needed operational agility. By unifying data from numerous sources in real time, it not only enhances visibility but also predicts disruptions and improves planning. It supports an integrated database which allows businesses to manage their product information effectively across different locations & geographies. This helps in mitigating delays, ensures compliance, and accelerates the time to market.

It provides businesses with “Engineering Change Management” which enables them to efficiently manage product revisions and resolve product quality issues in a short span of time.

It helps businesses in meeting the fast-changing customer demands by providing them with AI powered demand forecasting. This not only improves demand planning but also optimizes production and distribution planning. At the same time, by automating the production scheduling process, it enables businesses to track actual v/s planned activity.

It empowers businesses to deliver cross channel inventory visibility. It provides them clarity in terms of “what item needs to be stocked, how many & when do they need to be ordered”. This helps them in streamlining their production processes, improves accuracy, reduces overstocking & stock-outs, minimizes carrying costs and improves management of non-conforming material.

It improves cost management by allowing businesses to maintain cost-accounting ledgers globally. This streamlines cost management policies and provides them with real time cost and profit analysis. Moreover, it makes the landed cost estimation simpler by using customizable templates designed especially for improving profit margins & cost of goods sold (COGS) forecasting.

It streamlines the procurement process by offering features like product catalogs, spending limits, purchasing workflow, Request for Quotations (RFQs), vendor catalog etc. It also supports price negotiations for supplies based on performance, lead times, spend and quality and enables businesses to effectively manage contracts & collaborate with Vendors. Not only this, but it also automates the warehouse operations and facilitates a seamless management of multiple warehouses. It allows businesses to receive inventory into their warehouse with barcode scanners. This reduces time to process order and receive deliveries and businesses can track the movement of each inventory item by using system directed receipts, put-away, picks & shipments.

It keeps critical manufacturing & warehouse processes running 24/7 at high throughput on the cloud or Edge. This helps businesses based in remote locations in ensuring business continuity even when disconnected from the cloud. It helps in reducing unplanned equipment downtime by performing proactive maintenance using IoT & mixed reality. At the same time, it also improves workforce safety, efficiency and reduces errors with hands free & interactive delivery of work instructions.

To put simply, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is an agile & robust solution which encourages businesses to adapt to the constant changes and consistently deliver products to their customers on time. It also increases profitability by providing businesses with an end-to-end view across all operations.

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