KB158: Microsoft Power BI Mobile Features For the Digital Transformation of SMB’s

Power BI Mobile

KB158: Microsoft Power BI Mobile Features For the Digital Transformation of SMB’s

KB158: Microsoft Power BI Mobile Features For the Digital Transformation of SMB’s 1686 948 Shrutidhara

What is Power BI Mobile?

Power BI Mobile is a set of mobile apps. It is an integral part of the Microsoft Power BI platform & allows small & mid-sized businesses (SMB’s) to connect & interact seamlessly with their data. In addition, it is available for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 mobile devices.

What is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a unified and scalable platform that connects & transforms unrelated data sources into rich interactive insights. Moreover, it allows SMBs to connect to their data sources, visualize the data and share it with others.

Why is Power BI Mobile Important?

At Dhyey Consulting, we believe that data is the new fuel that is driving the economy. Moreover, as we are moving towards the “Digital Age”, it is essential for SMBs to collect & analyze the various data sources for gaining a competitive edge over others in the market. However, we also understand that while doing so, SMB’s face challenges in managing the different data sources. It, in turn, paves the way for data silos and biased reporting structures. As a result, SMB’s frequently experience friction in their decision-making process. Therefore, to help them overcome this situation, we offer a modern solution in the form of Power BI Mobile.

As an intelligent business analytics tool, Power BI Mobile provides SMB’s a comprehensive view of their data sources on the go. By doing so, empowers them and accelerates their growth in the “Age of Digital Transformation.

Features of Power BI Mobile

Connect to Data Easily

With Power BI Mobile,  SMB’s can seamlessly connect & interact with their cloud or on-premises data right from their phone or tablet. As a result, they can quickly access the relevant data even on the go, whenever required.

Visualize Insights

By using it,  SMB’s can view their reports & dashboard on their phones. Therefore, they can quickly visualize insights and take well-informed data-driven decisions using real-time analytics.

Share & Collaborate on the go.

It  provides SMBs with the annotate feature. The annotate feature helps SMB’s in highlighting new insights in their BI reports and dashboard. Moreover, they can directly share these live reports and dashboards from the app through text, email, or other collaboration tools.

Push Notifications

Power BI Mobile offers features like Push Notifications. As a result, SMB’s can set personal data alerts to their device and access shortcuts directly from their home screen.

To put it in a nutshell, Microsoft Power BI mobile app reduces time to the information, unlocks productivity & improves decision-making.
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