KB165: What Is Power BI Pro? How It Is Different From Power BI Desktop?

Power BI Pro

KB165: What Is Power BI Pro? How It Is Different From Power BI Desktop?

KB165: What Is Power BI Pro? How It Is Different From Power BI Desktop? 768 432 Shrutidhara

What is Power BI Pro?

Power BI Pro is the full version of Power BI. It allows businesses to use the Power BI platform for building dashboards, creating reports, unlimited viewing, sharing, etc. Moreover, it automatically keeps the data up to date irrespective of whether it is real-time or streaming data or in the cloud or on-premises.

What is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a collection of software services, apps and connectors offered by Microsoft for Self-Service & Enterprise Business Intelligence. It is a unified and scalable platform that connects & transforms the unrelated data sources into rich interactive insights.

MS Power BI

What is Power BI Desktop?

Power BI Desktop is an integral part Microsoft Power BI. It is a free Microsoft Windows Desktop application. Moreover, it empowers businesses by connecting, transforming & visualizing their valuable data. For example, SMB’s can connect to various data sources like an Excel spreadsheet, cloud-based or on-premises data sources. Similarly, they can also filter the data & transform it into a data model. Furthermore, they can represent their data visually through graphs & charts. Likewise, they can also create interactive reports using rich visual analytics.

How is Power BI pro different than Power BI Desktop

  1. With Power BI pro, businesses can embed Power BI visuals into apps such as Teams, SharePoint, PowerApps.
  2. It seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft Solutions such as Azure Data Services
  3. Power BI Pro allows businesses to easily share dashboards, reports, and datasets with other Power BI pro users.
  4. It  also supports peer-to-peer sharing & creation of App Workspaces.
  5. Power BI pro also offers businesses with 10 GB per pro user data storage limit.
To put it in a nutshell, it is a great tool that empowers SMB’s by delivering full business intelligence capabilities to all users.
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