KB166 : Power Virtual Agent : An Overview & Key Features

Power Virtual Agents

KB166 : Power Virtual Agent : An Overview & Key Features

KB166 : Power Virtual Agent : An Overview & Key Features 768 432 Nilesh Mandani

What is Microsoft Power Virtual Agent?

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents is a SaaS solution that helps businesses create a customizable artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot for both employees and customers. You don’t need any complicated set-ups to set it up. Moreover, it easily allows you to get started with bots with the help of a graphical, easy-to-use interface. Furthermore, it offers the ability to populate appropriate FAQ content, order topics, and even natural language queries. It also helps you to make improvements by monitoring your chatbots to review the performance.

What Makes Power Virtual Agent Unique?

In today’s era, online chat has become the most common and easiest way for customers and dealers to communicate with each other. It helps dealers to answer questions that they get from customers, employees, or even from your website visitors in real-time. Power Virtual Agent helps you in building powerful chatbots in no time. It also improves your self-service capabilities and reduces the customer service workload. In other words, it ensures that your business is fully connected with the market. Moreover, you can easily create these intelligent bots without the help of data scientists or developers.

How To Use Power Virtual Agent

A Power Virtual Agent is fully customizable, and a user has to follow a guided process to create their bot. It is done by using templates &  trigger phrases. These phrases are related to the specific issues that users have to type. Furthermore, the user has to use conversation nodes to define how a bot responds and what it should do. With the help of these trigger phrases and nodes, a robust virtual agent ensures that a bot chooses the correct response by using Artificial Intelligence. Power Virtual Agents also gives users the benefit of first testing the conversation in the ‘Test bot’ pane before the bot goes live.

Key Features Of Power Virtual Agent

With a no-code interface, anyone can create it

  • It is available in multiple languages.
  • It is globally available.
  • Allows multiple users to collaborate for teams to work together.
  • Efficiently manage the chatbot’s life cycle.
  • Can Share information across topics with global variables.
  • Users can create and manage their chatbots directly from the power apps maker portal.


Power Virtual Agent  helps in the enhancement of authoring capabilities and provides unique key features for large enterprises. In addition, it allows businesses to communicate with their people and customers, which helps a lot in the growth.

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