Purchase KPI

Are you having trouble evaluating & tracking the efficieny of procurement processes?Get the most out of Dhyey’s Purchase KPI Add-On

  • Evaluate & track the efficiency of your procurements
  • Improve productivity & streamline processes
  • Identify bottlenecks & maintain supply to meet demand

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    Key Features of Purchase KPI :

    • Analyze performance based on procurement history of each vendor from whom item is purchased for selected date period.
    • Compare performance based on  % and quantitative performance of received quantity and receipts.
    • Calculate the average amount of time it takes to replenish the item based on order date and posting date of purchase receipt.
    • Keep a track of non-moving items or dead stock items that have not been utilized for a long period.
    • Compare vendor wise supplied quantity, procurement cost amount, discount amount, and % share of cost amount for selected item and date period with reference to % share define in item vendor catalog.
    • Maintain & replenish stock based on reorder point

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    Product Capabilities

    Key Outcome

    Vendor Item analysis
    Vendor performance
    Item purchase lead time
    Non-moving items
    Inventory Reorder
    Share of business vendor purchases

    On Microsoft Platform

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
    Power Apps
    Power Automate
    Power BI
    AI Builder


    Machine Manufacture
    High-tech Electrical Manufacturing



    Purchase KPI

    Vendor Item Analysis & Performance

    Vendor/supplier analysis or performance evaluation is the process of monitoring and analyzing the quality, reliability, punctuality, and overall performance of vendors/suppliers. With Dhyey’s purchase KPI add-on, businesses can now evaluate their vendors’ performance by analyzing their procurement history for a selected date period. This evaluation involves comparing the performance based on both the percentage and quantitative measures of received quantity and receipts.

    By analyzing vendor-wise supplied quantity, the number of receipts, percentage of delayed and on-time receipts, percentage of return shipments, and return quantity for a selected vendor, item, and date period, businesses can determine the overall vendor performance. This analysis can be performed for all vendors and items to identify the vendors that consistently provide 100% on-time delivery with zero return/rejection rates, also known as the “Ship to Stock” vendors.Moreover, the best part is that it can be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

    Item Purchase Lead Time

    Lead time in material procurement refers to the duration between placing an order and receiving it from the supplier. Using Dhyey’s Purchase KPI Add-On, businesses can monitor their replenishment process by calculating the average time taken to replenish an item based on the order date and posting date of the purchase receipt. It also enables the comparison of vendor-wise actual lead times, thereby identifying vendors with the most efficient delivery times. Furthermore, the item card and item-vendor catalog show lead time data for easy reference.

    In addition, the Purchase KPI Add-On allows businesses to track non-moving or dead stock items that have remained unused over a specific timeframe. Such goods may end up idle in storage locations for an extended period, leading to decreased efficiency and increased costs. This feature enables businesses to monitor items that have remained idle for a specified duration, with no sales or consumption transactions recorded. This helps businesses identify the reasons for non-moving inventories, such as overproduction, defects, QC rejections, customer returns, obsolescence, or expiration, and take appropriate measures to address them.

    Purchase KPI
    Purchase KPI

    Share of Vendor Purchases

    Share of vendors in a procurement system refers to the analysis of the vendor’s involvement and items supplied, along with the purchase cost amount in percentage and figures, and the purchase quantity for a selected period. Dhyey’s Purchase KPI Add-On enables businesses to analyze the procurement history of each vendor from whom an item is purchased for a selected date period. By comparing the vendor-wise supplied quantity, procurement cost amount, discount amount, and the percentage share of cost amount for a selected item and date period with reference to the percentage share defined in the item-vendor catalog, businesses can identify the most effective vendors and optimize their procurement process. A pie chart analysis of the percentage share is also available for easy reference.

    Additionally, the Purchase KPI Add-On allows businesses to maintain and replenish their stock based on the Inventory Reorder point. The report identifies items with a fixed reorder policy and suggests the quantity to order based on the reorder point and demand calculation. For other policies, if the available quantity goes negative to clear the demand, the quantity to order is the net demand quantity. This feature enables businesses to keep their inventory levels optimized and avoid stockouts or excess inventory.

    Leading Microsoft Partner in Gujarat

    As a leading Microsoft Partner with over 15 years of experience in Technology Consulting, we at Dhyey Consulting strongly believe in facilitating a holistic and unified “Digital Transformation” for all our clients and partners. We are proud to be able to offer our clients a wide range of services and products that can help them take their businesses to the next level. Whether it’s implementing new ERP systems, migrating to the cloud, or simply streamlining their current processes, we are confident that we can help them achieve their goals.

    Culture of Innovation

    At Dhyey, we foster a culture of Innovation & adhere to the philosophy of “Identify, Innovate & Implement.” Following Microsoft’s vision of democratizing software & technology capabilities, we have developed a wide-range of Add-On solutions like Purchase KPI that not only complement but also seamlessly integrates with modern ERP solutions like Dynamics 365 Business Central.

    Seamless Customer Experience

    At Dhyey Consulting, we believe in creating a seamless customer experience and increasing customer engagement using technology and innovation. Our team of Techno-Functional Consultants are highly skilled and knowledgeable, and provide our clients with round-the-clock support. This way, our clients can focus on what they do best, while we take care of the technical details.

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      We’re excited to announce that we recently migrated our solution to a more modern solution. We wanted to share how this project came about and how we were able to make it happen with a minimal amount of disruption to our customers. We really appreciate Dhyey’s technical team for smooth transition.

      Mr. Hymish Kharag - Director, Pharm-Assay Inc.

      We completed upgrade from legacy to latest version in our organization. And I have learned that it is a process. First of all, Nilesh & Dhyey team identified process gaps. And then together, we remove process gaps. Thats how entire team achieved revamped process.

      Mr. Broudy - President at CK

      Our key challenge during transition from Dynamics AX to D365 Finance was “Data upgrade”, we asked Dhyey to bring historical data from legacy to modern. Team dhyey knows the steps and get the job done. Our newer version gives us many more feature to implement to enhance solution. Latest solution also enable Power BI reporting.

      Poul J. - Director at BCG foods