KB 205 : Dhyey’s QC Add-On – The Most Effective Tool to Streamline your Quality Management Processes

QC Add-On

KB 205 : Dhyey’s QC Add-On – The Most Effective Tool to Streamline your Quality Management Processes

KB 205 : Dhyey’s QC Add-On – The Most Effective Tool to Streamline your Quality Management Processes 1280 720 Shrutidhara

Quality control ( QC) is a critical aspect of any operation. You set a quality standard for your company and you want to maintain it at all times. However, it is hard and is a constant struggle for the majority of businesses. Moreover, most businesses don’t have the time, resources & expertise to manage their quality control processes efficiently.

If your quality control process has become too cumbersome, Dhyey’s QC (Quality Analysis & Control) Add-On will help you maintain your specified quality standards by helping you analyze and control your processes. It will help you keep track of your products as they are produced and shipped out of your factory so that you can keep track of the quality of your processes at all times.

QC Add-On is an affordable, easy-to-use and flexible quality analysis and control solution designed to help the majority of businesses take control of their quality processes. It is an integral tool for businesses across all industries and allows them to assess and record quality metrics in their operations and improve processes and quality.

By doing so, our QC+ Add-On enables businesses to improve customer satisfaction, reduce resource wastage, and increase their efficiency & profits. And the best part is that it complements, enhances, and supports the functionalities of ERP solutions like MS Dynamics 365 Business Central. Moreover, it can also be seamlessly integrated with it, making it the perfect solution.

What is Quality Control?

Quality Control is a set of measures & procedures that businesses can follow to maintain product quality.  Aside from that, it also empowers them to eliminate or reduce any errors they encounter by comparing their processes to a set of benchmarks.

How does the QC Add-On works?

The QC Add-On helps to identify products that do not meet a Company’s specified standards of quality. During the inspection process, the QC+ Add On enables businesses to link the products or items with their respective test requirement and the acceptable results. Further, it also provides them the option of predefining the range of passing for each test into the system. Similarly, it enables the testing of incoming raw materials and finished goods with their Inventory Lot & Serial No.  In addition, it also allows businesses to predefine the default sample size into the system so as to pave the way for proper testing.

Furthermore, the QC Add-On enables businesses to perform quality checks during the following stages

  • Inspection upon receipt:   In this stage, businesses can carry out inspection for the raw materials and parts used in the production, or of finished goods ready for resale.
  • Inspection in-process: In this stage, businesses can conduct Inspections periodically during the production process.
  • Inspection prior to shipping: In this stage, businesses can inspect the customer’s orders before shipping them.

Objectives of the QC Add-On

  • Establishing the desired quality standards which are acceptable to the customers
  • Detecting the flaws or variations in the raw materials and the manufacturing processes to ensure smooth and uninterrupted production.
  • Studying and determining the extent of quality deviation in a product during the manufacturing process.
  •  Analyzing in detail the causes responsible for such deviation.
  • Undertaking such steps which are helpful in achieving the desired quality of the product.

Key features of QC Add-On

  • Ensure that quality approaches, guidelines, and practices are formalized.
  • Improve quality awareness while acquiring raw materials and creating measures.
  • Enhance quality consciousness during the acquisition of raw materials as well as throughout the manufacturing process.
  • QC add-on helps in defining inspection plans and checklists.
  • Facilitate testing general specifications or customer specifications on each item.
  • Generate customized Certificates of Analysis and allows businesses to analyze the pass/fail criteria.
  • Analyze Quality Control historic results & minimize customer chargebacks.
  • QC add-on manages adverse reporting, deviation and non-conformance reporting, and much more.

Benefits of QC Add-On

  • Improve Quality Control & streamlines Quality Management processes.
  • Ensure traceability of Quality Management throughout the supply chain.
  • Improve workflows and facilitate maximum utilization of resources.
  • Support standardized business processes and reduce costs.
  • Facilitate price fixation, ensure customer satisfaction and increase sales.

Dhyey’s QC Add-On eliminates all the manual activities and replaces them with automated quality management systems. By integrating directly with your ERP, it seamlessly integrates with the rest of your systems, allowing you to manage all your quality control processes in one place. As you can see, our product is designed to improve the quality of your work and to make sure your customers are happy with the quality of the products they receive. Moreover, as a leading Microsoft Solutions Partner, we strive to bring you innovative new tools like QC and we hope you will take advantage of these.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can sign up for a free trial of our software and start using it today by clicking on Microsoft App Source.