Optimizing R&D Product Handling in Your System

Optimizing R&D Product Handling in Your System

Optimizing R&D Product Handling in Your System Nilesh Mandani

The improved project management and a complete control over inventory allow the Company to move products from the laboratory to the commercial use faster and more efficient.

This can be achieved by using Dynamics 365 F & O’s Product Configuration Model feature:

There are several approaches that a user can take to build a product configuration model. One option is to follow a sequential flow by first creating all the reference data, such as product masters, distinct products, and operational resources, and then including them as components, bill of materials (BOM) lines, route operations, and other elements of the product configuration model. Alternatively, you can select a more iterative approach by first creating the model and then adding reference data as the need arises.

Product configuration can be performed from the following places:

Sales order line

Sales quotation line

Purchase order line

Production order line Item requirement line (project)

The purpose of the configuration is to create a distinct variant of the product that meets the customer’s requirement. A unique configuration ID is created for each new configuration. This ID enables tracking through inventory.

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