KB185 : Relationship Analytics in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

Relationship Analytics in Dynamics

KB185 : Relationship Analytics in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

KB185 : Relationship Analytics in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales 1152 561 Shrutidhara

Relationship Analytics in Dynamics 365 Sales helps businesses in gathering relevant information through the integrated database.  Moreover,, it enables them to create a  graphical display of key performance indicators (KPIs) seamlessly. Similarly, using Relationship Analytics in Dynamics 365, businesses can create activity histories too. And the best part is that they can do so for any lead, opportunity, account or contact.

In business, nurturing good relationships with the customers is very crucial.  Therefore, it is imortant for businesses to foster strong relationship with their customers. As a result,  by using Realationship Analytics in Dynamics 365 Sales, they can  effectively faciliate customer enagagement. Further, they can also encourage customer retention & customer loyalty. Likewise, businesses can unlock the productivity of their team and enhance their performance..

Relationship  Analytics in Dynamics 365 shares insights through these channels

List Views

Businesses can get the overview of their most important KPI’s by looking at the list views for their leads, opportunities, contact and accounts. Besides, using Relationship analytics businesses can understand the health of their organization. Moreover, it  allows them to comprehend and analyze the health trends for their opportunity, lead and contact records.

Relationship Pipeline Views

Through the relationship pipeline view, Relationship Analytics in Dynamics 365  offers a bubble chart. While on the one hand, it provides a quick overview of busines health. On the other hand, it enables them to keep a track of the “close date as well as the estimated revenues for their upcoming opportunities.”

Similarly, businesses using Relationship Analytics in Dynamics 365 Sales can benefit from the availability of KPI’s and activity histories regarding the similar opportunities that were won in the past  and see what worked for them & what did not.  As a result, businesses can realign their strategies wherever required.

Furthermore, Relationship Analytics in Dynamics 365 creates a chain of contacts within the database. In addition, businesses can think of them as demonstrating the “degrees of separation” from a connection. With the help of this knowledge, businesses can easily focus on prospects who are more likely to become contacts via warm introductions. Also, please learn that almost 84% of B2B decision-makers start their buying processes with referrals and warm leads. Therefore, it can significantly increase the chances of closing a deal.

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