KB2: Sales Features in MD365 Business Central

KB2: Sales Features in MD365 Business Central

KB2: Sales Features in MD365 Business Central Nilesh Mandani
  • Sales Orders

The Sales orders created in MSD365 Business Central contains all the information that could be required on the order including the customer details, item details, delivery details, unit price, quantity etc. Customer master and item master forms are used to fetch the related values on sales order. The Sales order form in MSD365 BC is treated as a complete set of data that is required on an order along with its integration to the other processes like inventory, finance and planning. 

  • Blanket Sales Orders

MSD365 BC provides a feature to create blanket orders for the sales agreement. Blanket orders are for a specific time period to buy a product in a certain quantity. This makes it easier to efficiently plan the inventory for the specific item quantity that has to be delivered. Sales features like Sales Orders are released from the blanket orders as decided in the agreement on the pre-decided dates.

  • Sales Invoices

MSD365 Bc links the Sales invoice to the packing slips and sales order. Business Central links the data entered into the sales order to the invoice being created against the customer and simultaneously recording the transaction into the respective accounts. 

  • Sales Return Orders

Sales features like Return Orders are the outcomes of the customer returning a product the has been sold and invoiced in MSD365 BC. The Original Sales Order is linked to the return order. In case of partial return, the return order is linked to the original Sales order with the changes made to the quantity. This makes the costing easier and accurate for the company. MSD365 BC also requires you to enter the reason of return and how the stock being return should be treated.

  • Sales Credit memos

Once the return order is created it is invoiced into a sales credit memo which records the transactions into the respective accounts including the customer. The creation of sales feature like credit memo in MSD365 Business Central is a simple process which is integrated to all the other processes linked to it for example inventory and invoicing. 

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