Simplify Customer Billing: Add Extra Charges with Ease

Simplify Customer Billing: Add Extra Charges with Ease

Simplify Customer Billing: Add Extra Charges with Ease Nilesh Mandani

There is a standard functionality which allows shipment costs (as calculated in the Shipment cost document) to be billed directly to the bill-to-parties of the included deliveries/sales orders. Create and setup charges codes and charges can be added on sales order.

Create charges code:-

Step1- Go to Accounts Receivable > Charges setup > Charges code.

Step2- Select New to create a charges code.

Step3- In the Charges code field, enter a code for the charges.

Step4- In the Description field, enter a description of the charges.

Step5- On the Posting (fast tab), in the Debit section, follow these steps

Step5.1- In the Type field, select Ledger account to post the sales service as a miscellaneous charge.

Step5.2- In the Posting field, select Allocation as the posting type for the debit account.

Step5.3- In the Account field, select the account number that the amount on the sales order or invoice journal line should be debited to.

Step5.4- In the Credit section, in the Type field, select Customer/Vendor.

Step6- Select Save.

Charges can be added on Sales order:-

Step1- Go to Accounts receivable > Orders > All sales order > Create or edit sales order

Step2- Add lines and fill other details like unit qty, price,etc
Step3- Go to Lines tab on Sales order > Click on Financials > Charges area > Click on Maintain charges > Add charges which you created and value

Step4- Save the page > Close page of charges

Step5- Confirm the Sales order and process for pick and pack process and sales invoice post.

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