KB105: Approval Workflow-Purchase

KB105: Approval Workflow-Purchase

KB105: Approval Workflow-Purchase Nilesh Mandani
Approval Workflow-Purchase

Microsoft Dynamics D365 Business Central provides extensive approval features in the procurement cycle. The approvals can be automated or conditional and can be set on any document in the entire cycle.

Purchase Order Approval Workflow


An approval workflow can be defined on the purchase order form. This workflow ensures that the purchase order is submitted into the workflow after being created and passes through the approval flow as per the conditions defined.

The conditions can be specific to the organization for example amount, quantity, user, department etc.

Purchase Invoice Workflow


There can be a separate workflow on the invoicing process of the purchase order. This is also known as accounts payable workflow. The workflow can have its own conditions and approvers defined to it.

The workflow can also be configured for direct invoices, that is the invoice without a purchase order.

Purchase Credit Memo Approval Workflow


Purchase credit Memos are created after the invoicing of Purchase orders. In case of returns after the invoicing, credit memo may also pass through a workflow.

Some organizations want the returns to be approved as well as per the conditions applied on the workflow.