KB54: TCS- 206C (1H)- PLUG-IN

KB54: TCS- 206C (1H)- PLUG-IN Nilesh Mandani

Tax Collected at source (TCS) is Income Tax which is required to be collected by the seller (Collector) from the Buyer along with the Price of Goods and applicable taxes. Provisions relating to tax Collected at Source has been enumerated in section 206C of the Income Tax Act, 1961. TCS 206C (1H) – Setup &…

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KB21: TCS- 206C (1H)- PLUG-IN

KB21: TCS- 206C (1H)- PLUG-IN Nilesh Mandani

From October 1, 2020, our Government has introduced a new provision for collecting TCS for the sale of goods and depositing the same to the Government. These provisions are given in Section 206C (1H) of the Income Tax Act and here we are discussing this provision in a very simple language with some practical examples so…

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