KB20: Top 10 features of Cash Management in Finance Module, you should consider while implementing ERP Solution

KB20: Top 10 features of Cash Management in Finance Module, you should consider while implementing ERP Solution

KB20: Top 10 features of Cash Management in Finance Module, you should consider while implementing ERP Solution Nilesh Mandani

Cash management module provides information relating to cash flow of the organization, by processing and analyzing all cash and bank transactions, arising out of payment of supplier’s invoices, receipt from sales invoices, stand alone payment and unallocated payment / receipts.

Cash management module also allows analyzing financial transactions for a given period of time and provides information regarding sources of fund and use of fund to ensure liquidity in order to meet payment obligations of the organization.

1.Bank Accounts [ Local & Foreign Currency]

Microsoft Dynamics D365 Business Central allows you to keep a track of your banking transactions using the banks accounts. The accounts can be in user’s local currency as well as in a foreign currency. MSD365 BC caters the multiple currency evaluations. Further, once the bank accounts are setup in the system, the user can get benefit of the other advance features such as check printing.

2.Bank Account Reconciliation

The bank reconciliation is one of the most important tasks that is performed by the finance team of an organization. It helps to ensure that organization’s cash records are correct. In some cases, the law requires the organization to perform the task.

MSD365 BC helps in making this task easier for a company through its integrated data and user-friendly features.

3.Bank Payment Voucher

Microsoft Dynamics D365 Business Central allows the businesses to generate payments through checks that can be produced manually or through journal entry. The ledger entry is made against both the ways of payment. MSD365 Business Central maintains bank accounts and bank types. These are filled in when payments are made.

4.Bank Receipt Voucher

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows to post bank receipt vouchers. It also allows to post the bank related transactions for payments made against the sales to the customers via check. The check number and check date are updated in the bank ledger.

5.Cheque Printing

Companies can use both electronic and manual checks to issue checks to the vendors through payment journal. Business Central provides feature for both of these manual and electronic checks. Additionally, it gives accessibility to void and view check entries.

6.Cash Payment Voucher

When the businesses make cash payment to the vendors, the cash payment vouchers are posted. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows the users to post the transactions for the cash payments through the batch. This is done through the addition of date, vendor details and GL account details.

7.Cash Receipt Voucher

The cash receipt vouchers are created in Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC for the cash receipts against the sales made to the customers. The vouchers are posted with the customer account, GL offset account and date that can be against the invoice created for the sales.

8.Contra Voucher

When companies correct an application, correcting entries are created. These are identical to the original entry but with opposite sign in the amount field are created and posted for all entries. It includes all general ledger posting derived from the application, such as payment discount and currency gains/losses. The entries that were closed are reopened in the application.

9.General Journals

Companies post their financial transactions to the general ledger using business documents such as purchase invoices and sales orders. But Business Central provides companies with posting journal lines in multiple journals to help process different business activities such as the likes of purchasing, paying or refunding employee expenses.

10.Recurring General Journals

When transactions need to be managed that are posted with a few changes, companies employ the use of a recurring journal. This provides both with fixed and variable amounts. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central allows to create a template for the recurring journals with pre-defined parameters.

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