KB5: Top 7 features of Order Processing in the Procurement Module, you should consider while implementing the ERP system

KB5: Top 7 features of Order Processing in the Procurement Module, you should consider while implementing the ERP system

KB5: Top 7 features of Order Processing in the Procurement Module, you should consider while implementing the ERP system Nilesh Mandani

Better monitor & control your sales & order processes with automated workflows and update your inventory levels without a second thought! Implement approvals and modify posted invoices to prevent any unnecessary or fraudulent purchases.

Act quickly when it comes to your sales-related enquires right from Outlook. Shorten your time spent on going from quote to cash by connecting your sales and accounting, as-well-as gaining the ability to easily manage multiple ship-to and bill-to addresses per customer, including direct shipment and invoicing addresses.

  • Purchase Quotes

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows the organizations to maintain purchase quotations before accepting the most appropriate bid and turning it into a purchase order. The purchase quote contains the vendor and items details. This helps to maintain the history for the quotes collected for future needs.



  • Blanket Purchase Orders

A blanket order is created when a company enters into a long-term agreement with a vendor of purchasing a certain quantity of a product for a specific period of time. The purchases are mostly recurring on a specific interval of time. The blanket purchase orders also help in planning the procurement of materials for a company.

  • Purchase Orders

MSD365 Business Central creates purchase orders that contain all the information that is required on the order including the vendor details, item details, delivery details, unit price, quantity etc. the item master and the vendor master are also used to fetch the values on the purchase order. The purchase order form in MSD365 BC is seen as a complete set of data that is required to place an order along with its integration to the other processes like inventory, finance and planning. 

  • Purchase Return Orders

When a company needs to return a product that has been received and invoiced against a purchase order in MSD365 BC, the purchase return order is created. The purchase order is created with a negative quantity of item and amount. The amount for the returned order is reversed when the return order is posted. The impact of the return order is posted on the on-hand inventory as well.

  • Transfer Orders

There are various situations when inventory items are transferred from one location to another in an organization. MSD365 Business central provides the feature to trace those transfers and maintain correct inventory on every location. The creation of transfer orders are for the items that are further shipped and received in MSD365 BC to maintain the real time inventory traceability.

  • Purchase Invoices

Purchase invoices are either linked to the purchase order or independent of the purchase order. MSD365 BC makes is easy to trace the linked invoice back to the purchase order and its receipt details. The Purchase invoice confirms the receiving of the product and is setoff with the payment made to the supplier.

  • Purchase Credit memos

Purchase credit memo is created when an invoice has been created which needs to be reversed in MSD365BC. The purchase credit memo is created against the posted invoice to reverse the transaction. The vendor statement reflects the credit note for the purpose of traceability.

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