KB145 : Universal Resource Scheduling & Its Key Features For SMB Transformation

Universal Resource Scheduling

KB145 : Universal Resource Scheduling & Its Key Features For SMB Transformation

KB145 : Universal Resource Scheduling & Its Key Features For SMB Transformation 1290 1020 Shrutidhara

What is Dynamics 365 Universal Resource Scheduling?

Universal Resource Scheduling is a Dynamics 365 Solution that streamlines the process of scheduling mobile resources to work orders. Moreover, while assigning different resources, it considers several factors such as skills required, resource availability, location, time, etc.  Based on these factors, it enables you to assign the most appropriate resources to your customers. Further, doing so saves your travel time & allows you to optimize costs.

In this blog, let us dive deeper & outline the key features of Dynamics 365 Universal Resource Scheduling for the Digital Transformation of SMB’s.

Key Features of Dynamics 365 Universal Resource Scheduling

Schedule Assistant

Universal Resource Scheduling offers semi-automated features like Schedule Assistant. The Schedule Assistant matches relevant requirements & allows you to assign jobs and tasks to the closest and most appropriate resource.

Multi-Resource Scheduling

Universal Resource Scheduling provides features like Requirement Groups. By making use of Requirement groups, you can schedule multiple resources to the same work orders seamlessly. Further, it also enables you to mix and match different resources–for instance, facilities, equipment, technicians, a whole crew, etc. By doing so, it enhances your overall field service experience.

Multi-Day Scheduling

The multi-Scheduling feature allows you to book a multi-day schedule without any hassles. You can do so in various ways. For instance, “between existing bookings, by double booking existing schedules or as a continuous block of time”. Moreover, it also offers multiple allocation methods for scheduling multi-day work orders. For example, “Full capacity, percentage capacity, front load, distribute evenly”. Therefore, it helps in splitting up the duration of the work throughout the days & weeks.

Facility Scheduling

The facility scheduling feature of Universal Resource Scheduling enables you to reserve a physical space for catering to your unique organizational needs. For example, you can book a room for events like conferences, etc. By doing so, you can streamline the interactions between your resources & customers and create a seamless experience for them.

Resource Pools

Universal Resource Scheduling offers features like Resource Pools. While on the one hand, you can bring together a group of similar resources. On the other hand, you can book requirements to a generic pool. Moreover, you can do so without considering which resource will perform the work. Similarly, it assists in capacity planning & enables overbooking by anticipating potential customer cancellations.

Fulfilment Preferences

By providing features like Fulfillment Preferences, it  facilitates an easy-to-use interface. Furthermore, it enables you to decide how you want the Schedule Assistant results to be displayed. As a result, you can easily view and understand the availability & accordingly communicate to the customers.

Resource Crew Scheduling

Universal Resource Scheduling allows you to search & schedule multiple resources at once. “Resource crews are a predefined group of people and can be scheduled for items. Moreover, it simplifies and speeds up the scheduling process and enables team members to work together consistently.”

Time Constraints

Universal Resource Scheduling allows you to set update & time parameters while scheduling your tasks and jobs. Therefore, you can simplify your scheduling process based on your convenience.

To put it in a nutshell, MS Dynamics 365 Universal Resource Scheduling is a great tool that assigns the best resources to work orders and empowers you in this age of “Digital Transformation” by creating a seamless field service experience.

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