KB125: Why Power BI : Top 5 Benefits For Businesses

Power BI

KB125: Why Power BI : Top 5 Benefits For Businesses

KB125: Why Power BI : Top 5 Benefits For Businesses 1280 720 Shrutidhara

Power BI is a unified & scalable platform for Self-Service and Enterprise Business Intelligence. It is a great tool that helps businesses in connecting to their various data sources. It also allows them to visualize and analyse the data and accordingly share it with others. By offering a secure and easy-to-understand interface, Microsoft Power BI enables businesses to interact and understand their data efficiently.

At Dhyey Consulting, we understand that as businesses progress, it becomes extremely difficult for them to manage their data sources effectively. This in turn paves the way for data silos and biased reporting structures. As a result, businesses frequently experience friction in their decision-making process. Therefore, to help businesses overcome this situation, we offer a super-smart solution in the form of Microsoft Power BI. As a suite of business analytics tool, Power BI bridges the gap between data and decision-making. It provides businesses with a comprehensive view of their data sources. Moreover, it also empowers them with rich & interactive real-time analytics & paves the way for faster and well-informed data-driven decisions.

Let us dive deeper & look at the benefits of Microsoft Power BI and how organizations can leverage the features of Power BI for transforming their everyday business processes.

With Power BI, businesses can represent their data in a visually appealing manner. Using Power BI desktop, they can represent the data through charts or graphs & create interactive reports with rich visual analytics. Similarly, they can use the Power BI service for building dashboards and creating rich visualization. They can also publish interactive reports & share them across global data centers.


It offers self-service and enterprise business analytics on a single platform. This unified interface supports businesses by providing them with an open connectivity framework, ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) toolkit, semantic models along with paginated reports.


Microsoft Power BI simplifies the processes revolving around data analysis & data visualization. It not only helps businesses in integrating data from various sources and compiling them but also in analyzing and sharing the same. Businesses can easily do so without compromising on data quality.


The AI-Powered Analytics led by the latest developments in Microsoft AI helps businesses in “preparing data, building machine learning models and discovering quick insights from both structured and unstructured data, including text and images”.


It offers seamless integration with Microsoft 365.  It allows businesses to easily connect data models, reports as well as various Excel queries, to Power BI Dashboards. As a result, businesses can quickly gather, analyse, publish, and smoothly share Excel business data.

Simply put, Microsoft Power BI empowers businesses by facilitating their journey from data to Insights and from Insights to Action. It connects to multiple data sources and allows them to streamline their analytics in real-time; thereby empowering them in the age of “Digital Transformation”.

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