Why Rapid Implementation is better for you?

Why Rapid Implementation is better for you?

Why Rapid Implementation is better for you? Santosh

Writing a blog on fast ERP implementation seems fantastic. Wouldn’t everyone like a quick implementation? Well, most people want to implement consistently, providing users with enough time even for their employment job, enough time to test, consider and plan. Of course, this is a perfect way to run a project.

Full implementation is built around business processes and workflows, but this can cost a lot of time and money. For example company, they didn’t have time to customize, by knowing the best business practices/process of Dynamics 365 would have to change as result, some companies accepted standard practices and trained them, Instead of adapting the system to their process, they adapted some processes. Employees understood that the legacy system was changing, and that change was inevitable. It was a very realistic approach that gave ideal results for an incomplete view.

We know many ERP implementation projects are big and complex. We at Dhyey Consulting have customers with hundreds of users, these will always be big projects, but even these projects could benefit from thinking about the minimum viable product rather than ‘everything we want. With Dynamic solutions like Business Central – the Phase 2 part of the project, you can implement small improvements bit by bit as users adapt to those improvements.

Dhyey Consulting’s 15 days Rapid Implementation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a proven combination of time-saving tools and structured processes. Our Rapid Implementation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’s Methodology leverages the insights and experience we have gained over the years in different Industries and their environments. Our Rapid Implementation Methodology is based on our experience and proven practices of over 200+ Enterprise Solution Implementation.

Be prepared to say, ‘no it won’t be there on go-live day but will be 3 weeks after. Be prepared to say ‘hundreds of other companies do it this way to get best practices in your processes. And maybe… you’ll be a rapid implementer.

At Dhyey Consulting Services we have implemented various Dynamics business solutions on behalf of our partners for their clients. All our Services for Microsoft Partners falls under our Centre of Excellence. To know more about our services to Microsoft Partners, email us at Shreyas@dhyey.com.