KB127: Windows Virtual Desktop ( WVD) : Top 5 Benefits For Companies

windows virtual desktop

KB127: Windows Virtual Desktop ( WVD) : Top 5 Benefits For Companies

KB127: Windows Virtual Desktop ( WVD) : Top 5 Benefits For Companies 1920 1600 Shrutidhara

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a modern desktop and app virtualization service offered by Microsoft. Recently, rebranded as Azure Virtual Desktop. it is a Desktop-as-a-Service powered by Azure. Moreover, Windows Virtual Desktop runs on the cloud, is easy to deploy & can be accessed by users on any device.

With the advancement of technology, we are already transitioning towards the “Digital Age”. However, the sudden outbreak of the Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid-19), has completely transformed the business landscape by paving the way for a remote & mobile workforce. Now more & more employees are working from different locations and on different devices. As a result, ensuring productivity of the remote workforce has become very critical for Organisations. To cope up with this paradigm shift, Companies around the world are “migrating important apps and data to the cloud for gaining resilience and business agility”. In this context, a scalable and cost-effective solution like Windows Virtual desktop ( Azure Virtual Desktop) is particulary very important. WVD offers remote users a “secure, easy to manage, and productive personal computing experience with Windows 10 from the cloud.”

Now, lets explore the top 5 Benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop. At the same time, we look at how they can empower businesses by leveraging the power of Microsoft’s cloud services.

Access Windows 10 Desktop & Applications Virtually with Ease

With Windows Virtual Desktop, businesses can access their desktop and applications over the internet by using an azure virtual desktop client. For instance, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or HTML5, etc. It enables them to optimize performance & leverage the Windows 10 multi-session advantage on Azure for running multiple concurrent user sessions. Additionally, this new scalable multi-session experience keeps the familiarity & compatibility of Windows 10 intact, saves cost,and provides secure remote work for employees.

Seamless Integration With Teams & Office 365

Windows Virtual Desktop is fully optimized for teams and office 365. It allows businesses to create a seamless experience for employees. For example, employees can share files in OneDrive, manage their inbox with Outlook or collaborate with their Colleagues on Microsoft Teams in a hassle-free manner. At the same time, it facilitates real-time communication and seamless data sharing among team members. And paves the way for well-informed data-driven decisions.

Built-In Intelligent Security Features

Windows Virtual Desktop provides businesses with built-in security like Azure AD authentication, Reverse Connect, MFA, RBAC, Firewall, Security centre, and SIEM. It enables them to proactively detect threats and take remedial action. Similarly, it allows businesses to keep their assets and data safe by providing access to desktop instances through conditional access protocols. For example, multi-factor authentication, etc.

Cost-Effective Solution

Windows Virtual Desktops enables businesses to reduce the infrastructure costs. They can easily do so by right-sizing virtual machines (VMs) and shutting them down when not in use. Likewise, “it allows them to reduce management overhead by moving all their virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to the cloud with a managed service.” With WVD businesses can minimize the impact of hardware product life cycles. Moreover, they can also lower costs by pooling multi-session resources. And the best part is that businesses can use WVD with their existing eligible Microsoft 365 or Windows per-user license.

Quick Deployment & Scaling within the Azure Portal

By using Windows Virtual desktop, businesses can use of the Azure portal. It allows them to add users, deploy desktop apps, configure network settings and enable security with a few clicks. WIth Azure shared image gallery , they can manage their images efficiently and set up automated scaling. By using the Azure portal, businesses can simplify the deployment and management of their infrastructure. They can scale up their business in an effective manner for meeting their unique organizational goals.

To sum it up, Windows Virtual Desktop offers businesses with a perfect windows 10 multi-session experience. It protects Company data and assets with built-in security features & can be optimized for office 365 & teams. Furthermore,  it helps businesses on saving infrastructure & licensing costs.

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